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Catch Shares Editorials

Please keep yourself informed of the plot hatched by the Environmental Defense Fund and put in motion by NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco to privatize our marine resources and either lease or sell the fish back to domestic commercial and recreational fishermen for the enviros profit and control of the fishery.

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November / December 2016

"Hudson Canyon Under Attack" By Karen Wall


— Features —

"Jersey Blues:
A Tuna For All Seasons"


Bluefin tuna are prized for their fight and their meat, and available for most of the year in New Jersey.

"Cape Verde:
The Fishing Fits The Bill"


Some of the best blue marlin fishing in the world is just off the coast of this African island.

More Features

crew with check

"Fall Into Fins"

Sharking doesn't have to be an early summer tradition only; fall can bring some nice bites your way.