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Catch Shares Editorials

Please keep yourself informed of the plot hatched by the Environmental Defense Fund and put in motion by NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco to privatize our marine resources and either lease or sell the fish back to domestic commercial and recreational fishermen for the enviros profit and control of the fishery.

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March / April 2017

"A Little Prep May Save Your Life" By Karen Wall


— Features —

"Step Up To the Podium
Join The Big Game Tournament Scene"

winner's check

Big game fishing tournaments offer lots of adrenaline rushes. Here's what to consider if you want to fish some of them.

"The Barta Gladius
The Undeniable Need For Excellence"

tred barta

Tangling with 1,000-pound swordfish is too much for most reels on the market, so Tred Barta built one that's up to the task.

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