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Catch Shares Editorials

Please keep yourself informed of the plot hatched by the Environmental Defense Fund and put in motion by NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco to privatize our marine resources and either lease or sell the fish back to domestic commercial and recreational fishermen for the enviros profit and control of the fishery.

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September/October 2014

"Will a national recreational fisheries policy really serve us? We hope so" By Karen Wall



"Boat Appetito!"


Food at sea need not be limited to cold submarine sandwiches and chips, if you plan a bit.

"The Art of the Tease — Carolina Style"


Carolina captains talk about what they think is key when it comes to convincing a marlin to strike.

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"Tuna Man"

A teen’s desire to catch tuna gets fulfilled — and stoked — by a neighbor who shows him how it’s done.