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New Gear: March/April 2014

Chunk Bucket


  An automatic bait dispenser designed to let fishermen focus on fishing instead of tossing bait, Chunk Bucket combines utility and functionality. A sturdy, durable construction of plastic with all stainless steel or aluminum hardware, a 12-volt DC gear motor and 10-foot power cord with battery clips, Chunk Bucket is lightweight and easy to use. The creation of a fisherman who was frustrated with the hours spent tossing chunks of bait into the water, Chunk Bucket dispenses approximately one flat of baitfish per hour at full speed and is ideal for butterfish, mackerel and anything in between. From striped bass to giant bluefin tuna, Chunk Bucket dispenses a perfect “cookie crumb” trail of bait down in the water column, leading the school of fish right to hook baits. When the bite gets hot, the chunk line continues as Chunk Bucket dispenses an uninterrupted stream of chunks to keep the fish coming. With its variable speed, it’s easy to set a perfect bait trail and save bait in the process. Contact: South of Nomans at 610-587-5948 or visit www.southofnomans.com.

GT Lures


  GT Lures has expanded its successful lure line to include 12 additional designs and styles in more than 100 color combinations that can be customized to meet individual requests. Among the new styles available is the Six Shooter (six jet) series that’s based on the design of the popular Big Eye Bullet, and 8-inch bullets, which are now available in a six-hole jet head that leaves an incredible trail of smoke behind. Also available in the six-shooter series is the famed hardhead design in 8-inch and 10-inch sizes that work well at any speed for all species. These same sizes also are now available in Double Barrel and Four Barrel jetted versions along with their original designs. GT Lures’ line of marlin lures has been expanded as well to include tube lures in three sizes and the new 13-inch Viper plunger. All of GT Lures’ offerings are hand-poured with high quality casting resin and insert materials then hand cut to each shape. Contact: GT Lures at 856-448-8700 or visit www.GT-Lures.com.

LD Marine


   Getting a tail rope around a large gamefish at the boat after sinking the gaff or readying a fish for release just got a lot easier, thanks to the new Tailer from LD Marine. The Tailer features a 1-inch diameter handle measuring 4 feet that’s made of black anodized 6061 aircraft aluminum to reduce weight and provide years of worry-free service. The tail rope holder tubing is constructed of half-inch aluminum and is 3 feet long. All that’s needed is your tail rope and electrical tape to hold the loop in the open position. When needed, slide the loop over the tail of the fish and pull tight to break the rope away from the Tailer. With the LD Marine Tailer there’s no more fumbling with lines to tail rope a fish. Simply utilize any line to form a loop as big as needed. Contact: www.ldmarineproducts.com.

Maxel MTR08 Teaser Reel


  Maxel’s line of offshore fishing gear includes their new MTR08 Teaser Reel that’s constructed of heavily anodized, high density marine aluminum to provide all the strength and rigidity needed in a lightweight, easy-to-use design. Flat installation under T-tops, cabin tops, hard tops or marlin towers is achieved with an aluminum block base and four heavy-duty stainless steel bolts. Quick and easy rail mounting using the contoured foot with retainer loop and stainless steel mounting hardware puts the MTR08 on most tower or bridge rails. The large spool arbor recovers or resets teasers with ease and speed while the T-type adjustable drag knob provides precise teaser line control. The large-diameter drag plate and washer delivers a sure drag lock for large teaser applications while an offset line guide loop is made of polished stainless steel for strength and durability. Numerous large ports in both spool flanges allow quick and thorough line drying once retrieved. All installation hardware and tools are included. Contact: Maxel Reels at 800-688-3481 or on the web at www.biminibayoutfitters.com.

Pompanette Int'l Manta Rocket Launcher


  Pompanette's new Manta rocket launcher is designed by professional fishermen for all fishermen. This uniquely shaped eight-rod model has the serious kite fisherman in mind in that it allows two anglers to have multiple rods at their fingertips. Now you can have the entire live bait spread within an arm’s length allowing for fast movement of any rod when the bite occurs! Eight stainless steel boltless rod holders provide a smooth look to the surface while two stainless-steel cup holders offer a spot for drinks or terminal tackle and rigging gear. A large rigging tray plus smaller second rigging tray provide plenty of space to quickly and efficiently rig multiple baits when the bite gets hot. The pull-out drawer underneath provides additional storage for knives, pliers, rigging needles and other gear. A high-gloss polyurethane coating offers a sleek look and tough finish while a four-inch diameter boltless stainless steel pedestal adds to the overall clean look. Contact: Pompanette at 954-525-6367 or visit www.pompanette.com.

Simrad RS90 VHF Radio


  Simrad’s new modular, black box VHF radio, the RS90 offers innovative communication features including and Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver, hailer, foghorn and intercom, as well as NMEA connectivity for sharing data across the network with Simrad multifunction displays. Housed in a black box, all major components are hidden from sight, while the unit’s handset, encased in rubber for durability and a confident grip, can be installed anywhere onboard. A large, easy-to-read, 180- by 128-pixel LCD display has adjustable backlighting, plus a large built-in telephone-style speaker and alpha numeric keypad. Ensuring installation flexibility, the RS90 can support up to a maximum of 6 handsets, including four wired and two wireless when paired with the compact Simrad HS35 Wireless Handset. The RS90 is waterproof to the IPx7 standard (submersible), covered by a two-year limited warranty and supported for an additional three years by the Simrad 5-Year Advantage Program. Contact: Simrad at 800-628-4487 or visit http://www.simrad-yachting.com.

Tournament Cable 3D Surface Teasers


  Creating more flash and action with less drag while offering extreme durability, Tournament Cable’s 3D Stick Baits are very effective and easy to use. Unlike other baits, which require rigging with mono, crimps, weights, etc. to change, 3D Stick Baits quickly snap on and off. Tournament Cable has taken this technology to the next level with the introduction of their 3D Surface Teasers. In combination with the Islander Express, these daisy chain-style teasers are a great addition to any spread. All baitfish shapes are available in five 3D Stick Bait colors that are silver on one side and on the other side blue, pink, silver, gold or chartreuse.
  Each is rigged with 7 feet of 300-pound test Momoi monofilament, swivel sleeves, 350-pound test snap swivel, and chafe guard. Add a Spanish mackerel, mullet or horse ballyhoo to the snap swivel inside the Islander Express to create an irresistible teaser. Contact: Tournament Cable at 800-979-3474 or www.tournamentcable.com.

Ultimate Bait Bridle


  Ideal for rigging everything from bunker to ballyhoo, the Ultimate Bait Bridle makes fast work of rigging baits with circle hooks. No need for floss, rubber bands, rigging needles or hand tools when you’re rigging live bait or dead bait, the Ultimate Bait Bridle makes bridling a snap thanks to its ingenious clip made from spring stainless wire. The snap has unique bends and a rubber retaining band that firmly holds the hook in place which allows the bait to swim naturally yet still providing a greater hook-up ratio. Simply open the snap and insert it through the desired location on the bait. Close the snap and attach the hook through the loop. Extensively field tested with positive results the Ultimate Bait Bridle works with a wide range of styles and sizes of hooks. Contact: www.ultimatebaitbridle.com.



  Specifically designed to use with any existing kayak seat, the Yak-Tamer marine bean bag by Ocean-Tamer offers comfort that other seating products can't offer when used alone. When paired with your existing kayak seat, Yak-Tamer offers the comfort of a bean bag, six inches of elevation for a more comfortable seating position and better visibility when fishing, all while utilizing the backrest of your existing kayak seat. With its built-in tackle and storage system, you have the ability to store lures, pliers, and other important items at your fingertips. The Yak-Tamer can be used with virtually any kayak seating product and works well with sling-style kayak seats, rigid and molded seats, and adjustable style seats. Manufactured with 100 percent marine/military grade, waterproof, UV and mildew resistant materials for hours of comfort on the water, Yak-Tamer offers the same high quality, premium bean bag filler found in all of their Ocean-Tamer marine bean bag products. Contact: Ocean-Tamer at 800-804-0314 or visit http://www.oceantamer.com.