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New Gear:

July / August 2016

Aqualuma Lights

Aqualuma Gen 4 Underwater Lights

    Since 2004 Aqualuma has perfected the art of underwater lighting and its LEDs are the lights of choice for many of the world’s leading boat manufacturers. The new Gen 4 FF12 Surface Mount LED underwater lights offer ultimate performance where a through-hull fitting is not possible. Available in Aqualuma’s Brilliant White and Ultra Blue, the Gen 4 FF12 replaces the original FF12 with a new design, higher output and built in thermo-control, allowing greater life. Featuring a fully self-contained fitting with a simple two-wire installation, it produces both distance and width from the single fitting and can be mounted on any flat surface. Available in 12- or 24-volt DC, the long life high output 12 LED engine draws less than 2 amps at 12 volt DC and 1 amp at 24 volt DC and is reverse-polarity protected. An installation kit is included and contains mounting screws and drilling template. Contact: Aqualuma at 954-234-2512 or visit www.aqualuma.com.

Cuda Gaffs

Cuda Lightweight Precision Gaffs

    Cuda introduces a new line of precision gaffs with a design that is lightweight and easy to handle. Four models are available in lengths from 4 to 8 feet long. Cuda’s new gaffs integrate carbon-fiber shafts that are lightweight yet extremely strong with Cuda's patented stainless steel hook engineered to exact tolerances, allowing for the perfect strike and capture. Each stainless steel hook offers advanced corrosion and adhesion resistance, which makes for easy cleanup and long-lasting durability. Cuda gaffs are designed to float in the event that they fall overboard and come with tactile corded grips and integrated tip protectors. They are backed by Cuda’s lifetime warranty. Contact: Cuda at 800-835-2263 or visit www.cudabrand.com.

Elec-Tra-Mate Convertible

Elec-Tra-Mate convertible

    Elec-Tra-Mate’s new Convertible is the first and only downrigger available in both right-hand and left-hand crank models. Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, hard-coat anodized and Teflon-impregnated to protect it from saltwater, the main shaft is machined stainless steel and rotates on two large stainless steel bearings for a smooth retrieve. A 2-1/2-inch diameter roller rotates on two stainless steel bearings and is machined to handle wire or up to 400-pound test monofilament. Stainless steel line guides trap the line so that it is impossible to jump off the roller regardless of roller position, and the roller tip is limited to 180 degrees of travel so it is impossible to tip wrap. A four-digit LCD digital depth display reads in feet, meters and fathoms. The high capacity spool holds 1,000 feet of 150-pound test of braided cable, 660 feet of 200-pound test monofilament or 2,000 feet of 200-pound test braid. Two fixed-base mount models are available, featuring 24-inch or 48-inch booms. An aluminum swivel base mount and rod holder are optional. Contact: Elec-Tra-Mate at 336-273-9101 or visit www.elec-tra-mate.com.

Kristel Reels

Kristal Reels

    Kristal Fishing redesigned its line-up to include three models with a precise level-wind system. The backlit display has been redesigned and now features larger digits with a counter, auto-stop and jigging feature. The XF 655 D LW is the top of the line model and is capable of pulling dredges, ideal for deep dropping for bottom dwellers or when drifting for swordfish thanks to a new, more sensitive and gradual lever drag design. The intermediate XL 655 D LW is comparable to a 12/0 size and offers 110 pounds of maximum drag. The smallest model is the XL 625 D LW which is comparable to a 9/0 size and offers resistance up to 90 pounds. With 150 pounds of maximum drag, the XF 655 D LW can be used for the most demanding tasks, including pulling a green stick. All units include a fuse protection, clicker and variable speed control (0 to 420 ft./min). Contact: Blue Water Power Reels at 305-592-8686 or visit www.kristalreels.com.

Lobo Lures Flomax Pro Series

Lobo Lures FloMax Pro Series

    Lobo Lures FloMax Pro Series Jet Heads are unique in that they are machined in a multistep process from marine grade stainless steel. Precision machined from 316 stainless steel then hand polished to a high luster, each lure features a 1-inch diameter hollow-point jet head that weighs 3-1/2 ounces and has four external blowout jets and four internal jets designed to maintain a long, continuous bubble trail that attracts pelagic gamefish. Designed to withstand the test of time when other jet heads fail, including repeated bites from wahoo or billfish, the FloMax Pro Series are rugged yet effective bite after bite. Available in a wide range of custom color combinations, each lure is double-skirted with UV treated skirts and is available rigged or unrigged. All lures can be trolled as slowly as needed or up to 18 knots for wahoo, and all components are made in the USA. Contact: Lobo Lures at 855-434-7444 or visit www.lobosportfishing.com.

McMurdo SmartFind M5

McMurdo SmartFind M5

    The McMurdo SmartFind M5 is a flexible, low-cost, easy to install, user-friendly AIS (automatic identification system) Class A transponder incorporating a fully comprehensive AIS MOB (man overboard) and AIS SART (search and rescue transmitter) alarm to aid in MOB recovery. The M5 offers view-at-a-glance AIS status of vessels in the vicinity and access to a host of detailed navigation information. An on-screen indicator and internal buzzer provides notice when any AIS SART/MOB TXID is received. It also allows a “buddy list” of the vessels’ own AIS MOB IDs and associated crew names and has a steer-to-rescue MOB casualty target screen. In addition to traditional “radar style” display and AIS target list views, the SmartFind M5 also features an embedded coastline map that plots the AIS-equipped vessels on a chart overview display without the need to connect to an external plotter. Designed to operate as a stand-alone unit, the M5 can also be integrated with ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display), ECS (Electronic Chart System) or chartplotters or interfaced with a PC system. Contact: McMurdo at 1-844-MCMURDO (626-8736) or visit www.mcmurdogroup.com.

Sputterbird Teasers

Sputterbird Teasers

    Sputterbird Teasers feature a totally different fish attracting appeal design, including plenty of water splash and an internal rattle. Primarily pulled with a trailing lure or secondary teaser, Sputterbird simulates a school of bait under attack. Featuring two hard plastic body elements connected together with welded stainless steel wire, each has a single curved blade that rotates the bodies as it is pulled through the water. The blades are curved in opposite directions so they balance each other to prevent line rotation and produce a “wagging” swim pattern that stays on top the water. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, Sputterbirds are formed from solid ABS colored plastic material by a 3D printing process that doesn’t fade or chip. They are finished with a special epoxy coating that toughens the surface, while the double-walled, single-piece construction makes them waterproof and rugged. Contact: Sputterbird at 603-289-6235 or visit www.sputterbird.com.

Striker EFL

Striker EFL

    S2 Instruments, makers of the Mako Magnet, Tuna Teaser and the Marlin Magnet electronic fishing lures, have developed a simple-to-use electronic trolling lure. This lure utilizes similar technology to their other proven models yet is much easier to use, plus the Striker EFL is powered by a self-contained standard 9-volt battery that provides four to five hours of fishing time. To replace the battery, simply remove the cap, replace battery and retighten the cap. Simple to use, just connect the battery, tie it to a line or other section of your rig or lure and throw it overboard. That’s it, you're now broadcasting your bait’s availability. The Striker EFL measures 6 inches x 1-1/4 inches plus the leader. You can now make your boat the center of a half-mile chum slick. Contact: S2 Instruments at 978-475-6764 or visit www.s2instruments.com.

TN-Tackle Small Punisher Lures

TN-Tackle Small Punisher Lures

    Small Punisher lures by TN-Tackle have been specifically designed for offshore anglers pursuing billfish, tuna and mahi-mahi. These lures run best from the outriggers and produce a bubble trail with action that drives all pelagics into a feeding frenzy. The Small Punisher is available in a complete line of color patterns designed to attract gamefish into your offshore spread regardless of what part of the world you’re fishing in. Small Punishers are also available with TN-Tackle’s new UV Series Heads, which offer a color-tinted head and reflect the UV light spectrum. All lures are available with Mylar wings as an upgrade and can be purchased unrigged or professionally rigged to meet your specific needs. Contact: TN Tackle at 609-276-0292 or visit www.tn-tackle.com.