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New Gear:

March / April 2018

Maxel Hybrid Star Drag Reels


    Maxel’s Hybrid 20 narrow spool and Hybrid 25 wide spool star drag reels are premium small, light, strong and powerful reels that deliver both braid-ready drag strength and plenty of retrieve power in a small, comfortable-in-the-hand reel. Both models feature a super smooth, precisely adjustable, wide range, powerful carbon fiber drag that can deliver up to 28 pounds of resistance while the smooth, quiet and fast 5:1 ratio, heat-treated, high precision stainless steel gears winch in bigger fish and last for the life of the reel. Seven shielded stainless steel ball bearings assure constant smooth performance on casts, retrieves and in the toughest fight. A braid-ready, cold-forged aluminum spool offers generous line capacity while a positive thumb bar free spool with automatic re-engagement in less than a quarter-turn of the lightweight handle makes presentations quick and easy. Comfort is a big part of the strong, lightweight handle with its sure-grip EVA knob. Visit www.biminibayoutfitters.com.

OceanLED X-Series Underwater Lights


    OceanLED’s X-Series combines the current XT and XP product lines and consists of five lights in three sizes (four, eight or 16 LEDs) in either ultra white, midnight blue or RGBW (X8 and X16 only). The new X8 and X16 colors now combine the standard color change and the DMX control into the one light, allowing the user to toggle between the RGBW colors with a standard DC switch, or for full control and customization, add an OceanDMX app controller kit and download the free iOS/Android app for smartphones or tablets. The app allows the user to choose from an almost limitless number of colors and pick from a selection of modes like single color, cycle, strobe, music or wave. The fish-strobe mode gives an exceptionally bright, randomized strobing effect that is proven to catch more bait and attract more fish. Installation is simple, with only a small 12.5-mm hole needed to run the cable through the hull and four screws to fix it in place. Maintenance is minimal thanks to the special Tritonium lens coating and a quick wipe removes any marine growth. Contact: OceanLED at 954-523-2250 or visit www.oceanled.com.

Outrigger Yacht Products Catch Flags


    Still flying those old faded catch flags? Outrigger’s new high-quality catch flags add style to your vessel when you boast your catch of the day. These custom-made catch flags are the perfect way to show off your boat and catch at the same time! In addition to a custom drawing of your boat, the flags feature blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish or tuna and make a great keepsake for an angler’s first fish caught aboard your boat. Measuring 12 inches by 18 inches and available in sets of 12, they are made in the USA. Outrigger will create the boat drawing to match your vessel perfectly. Outrigger uses a combination of manufacturer blueprints and photos of your boat to create the custom line drawing. All the features that make your boat unique, such as towers, antennas, radars, canvas, colored hulls, etc. are represented in their custom artwork. Contact: Outrigger Yacht Products at 313-887-1903 or visit www.outriggeryachtproducts.com.

Raymarine Quantum 2 Radar


     Raymarine’s new Quantum 2 with Doppler target identification technology integrates with their award-winning Axiom multifunction displays to enhance the boater’s situational awareness by identifying moving and static targets at long and short ranges. Using advanced Doppler processing, Quantum 2 specifically detects the radar echo frequency shift returned by moving versus stationary targets and then color codes these moving targets to indicate whether they are approaching (red) or moving away (green). In addition, Quantum 2 brings a new Safety Sector feature that highlights and color codes potentially dangerous static targets within 200 meters in front of the vessel. Quantum 2’s 25-target mini-automatic radar plotting aid (MARPA), developed originally for the U.S. Coast Guard and other fast-response craft, is Doppler-assisted, allowing inbound contacts to be acquired automatically by the radar display and eliminating the need to manually acquire targets or define guard zones. Quantum 2 also features CHIRP pulse compression technology, which uses compressed radar pulses to display targets like boats, landmarks, rocks, and weather cells. Quantum 2’s flexible design allows for networking to Raymarine multifunction displays via wifi or traditional wired configuration, making installation much easier and eliminating the need for additional radar cabling or interface boxes. Contact: Raymarine at 603-324-7900 or visit www.raymarine.com.

Seakeeper 2


    Now small boat owners can enjoy the same comfort offshore on white-knuckle days as the big sportfishermen do and virtually eliminate vessel roll thanks to Seakeeper, which brings its big-boat technology to vessels in the 27- to 32-foot range with the introduction of the Seakeeper 2. Weighing in at 414 pounds, the Seakeeper 2 is 25 percent lighter and 22 percent smaller than its bigger brother Seakeeper 3 and will run exclusively on 12-volt DC power making it an ideal installation for vessels without generator power. The Seakeeper 2 is compact, which allows it to be installed virtually anywhere aboard the boat, including inside a leaning post enclosure, without any major structural modifications to the vessel. Contact: Seakeeper at 410-326-1590 or visit www.seakeeper.com

Shakespeare WebWatch


    WebWatch internet hotspot from Shakespeare eliminates expensive satellite antennas and data plans. Ideal for coastal and inland boaters, this all-in-one wifi hotspot and high-definition television (HDTV) antenna keeps you connected aboard the boat. Engineered for increased long-range reception, WebWatch delivers fast, reliable internet access for up to 32 devices with speeds up to 4G from a nearby wifi signal or cellular signal with a data-only AT&T SIM card, and also provides 3G speeds on T-Mobile, Cricket and other GSM-based networks. Simply connect to it wirelessly or via an ethernet cable. WebWatch keeps users online by automatically switching from receiving cell signals to using wifi hotspots based on signal strength, saving you money on data charges while providing uninterrupted connectivity. The WCT-1 version of WebWatch has a built-in HDTV antenna for access to free local TV network programming and is unaffected by weather the way satellite signals often are. WebWatch is managed using Shakespeare's free smartphone app and/or built-in web browser page and offers the ability to select an internet source manually, change the WebWatch hotspot's password and more. The capacity to store wifi passwords eliminates the need to reconnect every mobile device when switching to a different wifi source. The antenna boasts universal compatibility and is simple to install and draws a maximum of 1 amp running on 12-24 volt DC. Contact: Shakespeare at 803-227-1590 or visit www.shakespeare-ce.com/marine. Or, visit www.pelagicgear.com.

Strike Point Tackle Squid Dredge


    The Strike Point Tackle squid dredge features the 36-inch value bar with 13 drops. Each drop has three 9-inch Mold Craft squid, for a total of 36 squid. As with all dredges, squid dredges have become increasing popular with offshore anglers as they mimic a school of bait to attract billfish into the spread. Strike Point Tackle has enlisted the well-known offshore lure producer Mold Craft to provide the squid baits for these dredges. Mold Craft’s superior product and limitless color combinations made it an easy choice to use their squid, Strike Point Tackle said. Other products include holographic fish strips. Strike Point Tackle value bars feature a 950-pound heavy duty center swivel and 316L stainless steel arms, making it virtually unbreakable. All Strike Point Tackle products are made in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Contact: Strike Point Tackle at 888-335-3368 or visit www.strikepointtackle.com.

Tigress Kites


    Tigress has put together the most comprehensive line of kite fishing products available to the sportfishing industry to date and includes everything from kites to pre-rigged kite line kits as well as a complete line of kite clips and accessories. The All-Purpose Kite will meet the needs when conditions require a kite to fly steady in 5- to 10-mph winds. A fast and simple adjustment to the bridle eliminates the need to use different kites for different winds, eliminating reduced fishing time when conditions change. The specialty Light-Wind Kite is sturdy and dependable and will fly steadily in 10- to 15-mph winds and features the same bridle adjustment as the All-Purpose Kite. Lightweight spars on both models are constructed of 100 percent carbon graphite and a spare fifth spar is included with both models. A lightweight waterproof storage bag is provided for assembled kites. Contact: Tigress Outriggers at 844-740-1260 or visit www.tigressoutriggers.com.

TN Tackle Dredge Treats


    TN Tackle Dredge Treat lures are designed to be the perfect addition to any dredge. Designed to be lightweight and weighing in at only a half-ounce, these dredge lures will help reduce drag on today’s large, multiple dredges. A large, quarter-inch offset center tube allows for easy rigging and proper tracking. Dredge Treats are available in nine head colors that all feature advanced UV technology, which has proven to drive billfish nuts. Available in packs of six, color combinations can be custom designed to fit specific needs and can be tied in a traditional top/bottom split, or in a solid color with lateral lines. Dredge Treats are also available with optional Mylar flash. Contact: TN-Tackle at 609-276-0292 or visit www.tn-tackle.com.