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New Gear: March / April 2015

Denali AirOgater


    Protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun is critical for those who spend countless days on the water. Though sunscreen offers excellent protection, reapplication is necessary and often inconvenient and messy. New for 2015 in the Denali Performance line is their Air-O-Gator UPF 50+ breathable Mega Solar neck gaiter made from Denali’s proprietary ProtectUV fabric and designed with laser-cut breathing ports. Air-O-Gator is available in the Prism Print or solid colors including Fighting Lady Yellow, Delph Blue, Smoke, Tangelo and Poison to match Denali’s Teaser line of shirts. Also new for 2015 is Denali’s 4ourway Stretch Board Shorts that will be available in drawstring and button-waist versions. Denali will be offering both versions in Grey Plaid as well as solid black. 4ourway shorts are made using four-way stretch ProtectUV that achieves Denali’s Mega Solar UPF 50+ standard of sun protection in an ultra-lightweight fabric. Contact: 800-606-4003 or visit www.denaliperformance.com.

Globalstar Sat Phone


    In this information age we live in today everyone wants to be in-touch 24/7/365. Now you can take your smartphone beyond cellular with the world’s most powerful satellite hotspot and enjoy crystal-clear voice quality with seamless connectivity. With Sat-Fi, Globalstar customers can use their existing smartphones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive calls, email and SMS text messages over the newest, most modern satellite network. Whether on land or at sea, up to eight Sat-Fi users will be able to maintain reliable connectivity when beyond cellular range with one Sat-Fi device. Designed for vehicle, vessel-based and fixed locations you can also connect with emergency services should the unexpected need occur. Experience the industry’s best voice quality and the fastest data speeds, all at an affordable price. You’ll also enjoy simple 10-digit dialing, Caller ID and the ability to use existing device contacts via the Sat-Fi App. Contact: Globalstar at 844-800-4988 or visit www.globalstar.com.

Laceration Lures


    For 2015 Laceration Lures has added a new, smaller size to its vinyl skirted lure line with the introduction of the 22 Series. Essentially smaller versions of the larger lures with a few new shapes added to the mix, six styles make up the line including the Stitch 22, Roscoe 22, Fishoncha 22, Wade 22, Beowulf 22 and Flat 22. All can be pulled from any position in the spread and are sure to produce all species of gamefish from billfish to bigeye tuna as well as wahoo and dolphin. The 22s are lightweight and 8 inches long though they have all the features of the larger models in the Laceration Lures lineup including natural pearl shell, UV glow additives, and double-tied vinyl skirts. All styles are available in a large variety of the most popular colors. The Series 22 work well trolled as a single lure or in a daisy chain. Contact: Laceration Lures at www.lacerationlures.com or through Tournament Cable at www.tournamentcable.com.

Outrigger Imaging


    Custom stickers with artwork depicting your boat are just plain fun! Slap them on buckets, dock boxes, the local bar or your buddy's truck! Outrigger Yacht Products produces superior quality full-color vinyl-based stickers that will hold up to the toughest saltwater environment. They will not fade or crumble like paper-based lower quality stickers. The most popular is the 3-inch by 5-inch oval, though all sizes and shapes are available with minimum quantities starting at just 50 pieces. Outrigger will create the boat drawing to match your boat perfectly. No stock images are used as they utilize a combination of manufacturer blueprints and photos of your boat to create the custom line drawing. All of the features that make your boat unique, such as towers, antennas, radars, canvas, colored hulls, etc. are represented in their custom artwork. Outrigger has created a full range personalized products for boat owners since 2004. Contact: Outrigger Imaging at 313-887-1903 or visit www.OutriggerYachtProducts.com.

Poseidon Fishing Winthrop Gaffs


    Poseidon Fishing’s Winthrop Gaffs are available in a variety of lengths and hook sizes from a 4-foot pick to an 8-foot tuna gaff and all models are proudly built in the USA with American components. The 316 stainless steel hook features a shepherd-like shape that actually pinches the meat into the crook and keeps your catch from thrashing off the hook. The Winthrop hook is offered in three sizes including 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch models, with a variety of lengths ranging from 4 feet to 8 feet, and custom orders are always available. The gaffs are built on reliable E-glass gaff blanks made by Blackfin of Stuart, Fla. Poseidon Fishing also fills their gaff blanks with a closed cell foam that helps keep the gaff afloat in the event it is dropped overboard. A rubber gimbal provides protection for your boat’s finish from scars and scratches other aluminum gimbals can cause. Contact: Poseidon Fishing at 561-651-9422 or visit www.poseidonrods.com.

Release Reels


    Release Reels' new SM model features a unique design that allows the reel to cast 150-200 yards while its carbon and stainless steel drag system provides solid, smooth and consistent drag resistance. Adding to the fishability of this powerful reel is its lightweight ergonomics and lightning-fast 6-to-1 retrieval speed backed up with plenty of torque and power to fight any fish. An innovative frame design eliminates the need for cross bars while still offering a low-profile frame providing unencumbered access to the spool. SM is a fully machined aluminum reel featuring all of the elements you would expect in a top-shelf product including a free-floating spool for optimum acceleration and minimal resistance. All Release Reels components are cut, machined and assembled from premium-grade materials including 6061 T6 aluminum sideplates, 316 stainless steel gears, premium bearings, and carbon fiber drag washers. Contact: Release Reels at 603-988-4682 or visit www.releasereels.com.

Shurhold Camera Adapter


    Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, boaters and anglers alike can now extend the versatility of their high definition recording devices and the One-Handle-Does-It-All System with Shurhold's Camera Adapter. Easily attaching to any of their handles, it is compatible with GoPro and Garmin VIRB units. Now you can capture underwater footage from inside the boat or on the dock or record memorable moments when scuba diving. The handle with camera adapter attached can even be set in a rod holder for an aerial view of the fishing action. It can be used to inspect under a vessel or in other hard to reach areas. In addition, it can be used to see above a crowd. The adapter can be locked into any Shurhold handle. To attach the camera, simply insert the included screw and tighten loosely. Then, tilt the device to the desired angle and fasten securely. Contact: Shurhold at 800-962-6241 or visit www.shurhold.com.

Squidnation Glow Dredge Head Skullz


    Squidnation has taken dredge fishing to a new level with the introduction of its illuminating Glow Dredge Head Skullz. The magic hours of an hour before and after dusk and dawn are a perfect time to employ Glow Dredge Head Skullz. Frightened baitfish show their best glowing colors when attacked and what better way to present a prey under attack than with Squidnation Glow Dredge Head Skullz. The heads are easily charged with any strong light source for 30 minutes and provide hours of glow fishing time. Squidnation is a manufacturer of innovative sportfishing products specifically geared to the offshore fishermen with products available at more than 100 retail stores around the world. Custom dredges are their specialty. Glow Dredge Head Skullz for Marlin Dredge are made in the USA. Contact: Squidnation at 410-873-3282 or visit www.squidnation.com.

Valvtect Bioguard


    Valvtect BioGuard Plus 6 is a unique multifunctional biocide that eliminates the need to purchase and store several products such as stabilizer, biocide, water dispersant and a rust or corrosion inhibitor on the boat. Best of all it significantly reduces the cost versus purchasing multiple products and assures the proper blend ratio and compatibility of each component. BioGuard Plus 6 prevents bacteria and other biological contamination while also stabilizing diesel fuel keeping it fresh for up to two years. BioGuard Plus 6 also prevents corrosion to components thanks to its rust and corrosion inhibitors and lubricates fuel pumps & injectors to extend fuel pump and injector life. A moisture dispersant helps prevent corrosion, sludge and extends fuel filter life. BioGuard Plus 6 also removes injector carbon deposits and increases Cetane to allow the diesel fuel to burn more completely. Contact: ValvTect Petroleum at 800-728-8258 or visit www.valvtect.com.