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New Gear:

May / June 2017

Accurate BV2 500 Reel


    Accurate has added the new BV-500-sized single-speed and two-speed reels to its popular Valiant lever drag series. Ideal for taking on striped marlin, sailfish, tuna, white sea bass, yellowtail, striped bass, and other saltwater predators, the new Valiant lever drags include BV-500 and BV-500N single-speed reels, as well as new BV2-500 and BV2-500N two-speed models. Every Valiant model features a compact yet rugged 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame. Protected by a tough, corrosion-resistant exterior is Accurate’s patented TwinDrag system, uniquely engineered to provide ultra-smooth consistent pressure with up to 30 pounds of drag. Each BV model also features precision-cut stainless steel gears that mesh perfectly for unsurpassed cranking power, while seven shielded and sealed Class-5 ABEC bearings and one ARB bearing ensure ultra-smooth reliable performance. The single-speed BV-500 holds 500 yards of 50-pound test braided line, while the BV-500N holds 350 yards of 50-pound test braid. Accurate’s two-speed BV2-500 or the narrow BV2-500N both feature a high-speed 6:1 retrieve and a winch-like 4:1 gear ratio that can be changed with the simple touch of a button. Contact: Accurate at 888-222-8372 or visit www.accuratefishing.com.

BAMfluro Fluorocarbon Leader Material


    By nearly matching the refractive index of saltwater, a chemical engineer who loves fishing and also has years of experience in fluoropolymer processing was able to develop this product line that is virtually imperceptible to fish. Since the refractive index of the fluorocarbon leader is close to the refractive index of saltwater, very little light is reflected by the leader as light passes through water, making the leader difficult for the fish to see. This is why a fluorocarbon leader catches more leader-shy fish than standard monofilament. BAMfluoro fluorocarbon leader is made in the USA with polymers that offer excellent abrasion resistance and strength combined with super invisibility and was developed specifically for offshore fishing. BAMfluoro fluorocarbon leader is available in 40-, 50-, 80-, 100-, 130-, and 180-pound test. Contact: BAMfluoro at 651-347-4226 or visit www.bamfluoro.com.

Bennett Marine AutoTrim Pro


    Bennett Marine’s new AutoTrim Pro (ATP) automatically and actively levels the pitch and roll of most boats with trim tab systems via two user-programmable Favorite buttons that regulate the boat’s trim angle based on settings selected by the operator, and then holds that angle across a variety of speeds and shifting conditions. When required, the operator can take manual control at any time by simply pressing any button on the Helm Display. Additional conditions ATP improves include listing, chine walking, and porpoising. ATP combines a variety features including automatic trim tab control, manual trim tab control, automatic tab retraction, and trim tab position indication into an easy-to-use, space-saving helm display. Features in Manual or Auto mode include one-touch All Up and All Down buttons. LED trim tab position indicators display each trim tab’s position and flash to show automatic actuation activity. There’s also two Favorites settings for auto trim mode, while an Auto tab retraction feature automatically retracts tabs when the boat’s ignition is turned off. Contact: Bennett Marine at 954-427-1400 or visit www.bennetttrimtabs.com.

Carolina Lures 8-inch Super Yummee Flying Fish


    Carolina Lures's new 8-inch Super Yumme Flying Fish features a sturdy one-piece body with multiple hook slots, movable eyes and front and rear wings. Uniquely ballasted to right itself quickly should it land upside down, this unique lure is deadly on tuna, dolphin and sailfish. This realistic-looking flying fish lure has innovative front and back wings to give the lure exceptional action, splash and flight characteristics and is ideal for casting, traditional trolling and fishing under a kite. It’s also an exceptional teaser lure and can be rigged in chains or on spreader bars. Other features include a soft plastic body molded in one piece, realistic lens eyes and a highly active tail. As with all Carolina Lures, this model is made in the USA and is available unrigged or rigged with many options. Contact: Carolina Lures at 706-851-9010 or www.carolinalures.com.

Globalstar 2900 GSP


    For those looking for a robust satellite communication solution, Globalstar offers the GSP-2900 Fixed Mount Satellite Phone. The GSP-2900 provides convenient fixed access to satellite voice and data services, including internet, email and voicemail, allowing the user to stay connected virtually anywhere in the world. The marine cable kit and dome enclosure protects the antenna from exposure to harsh environmental conditions including saltwater spray. As many as five RJ-11 jacks can be connected to the GSP-2900 to provide dial tone to any standard or cordless phone. The system comes with a standard U.S.-based phone number and battery backup for redundant power. Installation options are nearly endless as GSP-2900 phones have been installed in boats, ships, cottages, skyscrapers, oil rigs and service vans. The user can also access Remote Terminated Data to provide an easy way to communicate with monitoring devices to track equipment in remote locations. Contact: Globalstar at 877-452-5782 or visit www.globalstar.com.

Reel Innovation Mr. Chunker


    Reel Innovation has introduced their Mr. Chunker 2000, the first smartphone-driven automatic chunking system. This state-of-the-art product is designed to disperse bait evenly and consistently and can be easily accessed by using the Mr. Chunker App. Unique features of the Mr. Chunker include the Fish-On Mode, which is designed to increase bait output when fish are nearby. The Bait Calculator mode estimates bait consumption, thereby reducing wasted bait, while a programmable Run Cycle will allow the user to set specific run-time intervals for the chunker. Designed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain, the Mr. Chunker 2000 conveniently fits in any rod holder. Designed and assembled with the highest quality materials for a long service life, Mr. Chunker is manufactured with aluminum, stainless steel and plastic components for superior rust resistance and easy clean-up after each use. Contact Mr. Chunker at 215-322-9304 or visit www.mrchunker.com.

Reel American Fishing Apparel


    Founded in 2016, the Reel American Fishing brand looks to unite patriotic Americans who love to fish. Reel American’s apparel features clean, classic styles that look good on and off the water and each is made using high-quality materials to stand up to the rigors of the fishing lifestyle. Reel American’s product line includes short-sleeved and long-sleeved 100 percent cotton T-shirts available in navy or white and sizes from small to 3XL. The long-sleeved performance shirt features SPF 40+ UV protection and is available in white with sizes ranging from small to 2XL. A blue women’s tank top is available in small to XL, while a blue pocketed hooded sweatshirt is available in sizes small to 2XL. All clothing styles feature the Reel American Fishing logo on the front and back of each garment. Also available is a line of stylish hats and visors. Contact: Reel American Fishing at 732-991-3574 or visit www.reelamericanfishing.com.

Skurge of the Sea Rod Holders


    Skurge Of The Sea Heavy Duty Swivel-Base Rod Holders are constructed of 316 marine-grade stainless steel and are currently available in 0- and 15-degree models with a 30-degree model available soon. A proprietary standard design feature has the rod tube recessed up into the top plate to help minimize flexing and weld failure at the point where the rod tube and top mounting plate meet. The rod tube is made from 1/8-inch stainless steel, fits all 130-pound class bent butts and features a close tolerance-fit heavy duty liner to minimize rod rocking. The heavy duty stainless steel swivel is a one-piece design and the bottom of the rod tube has a quarter-inch stainless steel floor to support the swivel mechanism with clearance for water to drain quickly. The backing plate is 1/8-inch stainless steel and features a proprietary safety line bracket that can be positioned at any of the four mounting through-holes and rotated to fit your clearance needs. Custom backing plates also are available. Contact: Skurge of the Sea at 860-625-0161 or visit www.skurgeofthesea.com.

TN Tackle Stickbait


    Designed for targeting tuna in the Northeast, TN Tackle Stickbaits have proven to be consistent producers of yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna and true albacore as well as wahoo and mahi-mahi. The long and thin profile of these lures allows them to excel when small baitfish or sand eels are present, and the weight of the stickbait allows the lure to troll effectively anywhere in the spread and in all sea conditions. All TN Tackle lures are built using a crack-resistant resin and the color-tinted heads are UV-treated, which helps attract all pelagic species into striking. Stickbait lures are produced in a wide range of colors and come available both rigged and unrigged to meet your specific needs. The skirted version is 11 inches and weighs 4.5 ounces while the feather version is 10 inches and weighs 4 ounces. Contact: TN-Tackle at 609-276-0292 or visit www.tn-tackle.com.