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New Gear:

March / April 2016

Canyon Reels


    Canyon Reels first entered the fishing reel market in 2008 and in 2012 the company developed their first prototype three-speed reel. Now after three long years of testing and modifications, Canyon Reels has introduced the HS-20 3 Speed. The first lever-drag three-speed conventional on the market, the HS-20 weighs in at 27 ounces and was developed with design input from professional anglers and charter boat captains alike. Featuring a large power handle and three selectable retrieve ratios ranging from the low 2.8:1 to the intermediate 4.1:1 and the lightning fast 6.8:1, the HS-20 fits a wide range of applications and is suitable for everything from deep dropping for tilefish and grouper to trolling for bigeye, bluefin and yellowfin tuna to tackling boat-charging sailfish and white marlin. The smooth high powered carbon fiber drag offers resistance to more than 50 pounds while a one-knob three-way control switch for changing retrieve ratios allows for fast changes during the battle. Line capacity is a generous 650 yards of 65-pound test braid. Contact: Canyon Reels at 732-232-0081 or visit www.canyonreels.com.

Durabrite Lights


    Spreader lights are an invaluable tool whether lit at the dock for an early morning departure or lighting up the ’pit during a hot night-time tuna bite at the canyon. Durabrite Lights new LED SLM16 Series Spreader Lights feature a new low profile that packs a punch and are built tough to withstand the harsh marine environment. The SLM16 Series Light is a direct replacement for high output flood lamps and also is available with a 20-degree spotlight option. These lights operate on a wide range of AC and DC voltages and provide an 80 percent energy savings over conventional lamps. Available in black or white frames and two LED colors including amber (2800k) and daylight white (5400k), all models feature an industry-leading lumens per watt and lumens per pound rating. Built to military specifications for mission critical use in the harshest environments on earth, these lights are IP67 rated and come with a five-year warranty. Contact: Durabrite at 201-432-5686 or visit www.durabritelights.com.



    Fish Razr introduces their new line of dredge bars including the new Take Down Dredge -- the most complete dredge bar system on the market. The Take Down Dredge’s design makes this the only dredge you will ever need. Features include a patented head that unscrews, which allows the arms to be easily removed for cleaning and storage and also allows the bar to be stored in small spaces whether rigged or unrigged. The head design also allows the dredge to be set up in several different configurations for different fishing styles. The bar can be configured in a 6-arm, 4-arm and 3-arm pattern as well as a 2-arm spreader bar. The arms can be easily changed out while fishing, whether switching for fresh dead bait or to different artificial lures. And if a bar becomes damaged, it can be quickly replaced. Contact:FishRazr at 843-224-5438 or visit www.fishrazr.com.


GARMIN 8400/8600 MFDs

    Garmin's new GPSMAP 8400/8600 series of powerful all-in-one multi-function displays (MFDs) offer mariners the highest screen resolution on the market and are available in 17-, 22-, and 24-inch models that feature full HD in-plane switching (IPS) screens with multi-touch control. New and improved processors provide increased performance, enhanced video processing, and the fastest chart drawing offered in a Garmin MFD. These sunlight-readable MFDs feature an anti-glare LCD display for consistent, accurate colors from all viewing angles. All models can be flush- or flat-mounted, enabling edge-to-edge installation of multiple displays. With new One Touch presets for sonar, charts, radar, cameras, media, and digital switching, the GPSMAP 8400/8600 series provides a more intuitive user interface. The all-in-one compact design eliminates the need for black-boxes, monitors, and external Wi-Fi antennas. All models feature built-in Wi-Fi that allows the chartplotter to connect to Garmin’s new quatix3 marine smartwatch, Nautix In-View Display, as well as to VIRB action cameras, to RF wireless remote control, to smartphones, and tablets. Contact: Garmin at 800-800-1020 or visit www.garmin.com.

Joe Shute Lures


    Joe Shute Lures introduces a new keel-weighted version of their highly productive tuna lures with a head shape designed with more of the weight on the bottom side, which allows the lure to track in a more upright position. The head of the lure has a half-inch opening in the rear specifically designed for fishermen who prefer to use a ballyhoo spring and allows the spring to seat inside the head, locking the ballyhoo in place. This head design also can be used with a standard pin rig or a pinless rig. The 5-ounce weight of the lure helps it track better in rough seas and will provide more depth on calm days, especially when placed in the long rigger position. The Keel Weighted series also will work well when matched with artificial lures such as Hogy's and RonZ long plastic tails. The Keel Weighted series is available seven popular head and skirt colors, including Glow-In-The-Dark. Contact: Joe Shute lures at 252-240-3044 or visit www.joeshutelures.com.

Okuma Andros Reel


    Okuma’s new Andros A-12SSE and A-16SSE feature a factory-installed Tournament Drag Cam which replaces the aggressive high-output standard cam of the Andros to deliver lower drag output with a smoother curve and precise adjustment. The Tournament Drag Cam is designed to fish with three to five pounds of drag at strike and 10-pound maximum drag output. The result is consistent resistance through the entire range and the ability to fish light lines just under their breaking point. Both models feature high-speed gear ratios of 6.4:1, allowing anglers to stay tight to fish even when they charge the boat. The A-12SSE holds 560 yards of 20-pound monofilament while the A-16SSE holds 870 yards of 20-pound or 650 yards of 25-pound. Other features of both models include six premium bearings plus roller bearing, 17-4 grade stainless steel gearing, dual anti-reverse system, Carbonite drag greased with Cal’s drag grease, an integrated recessed reel foot design and rigid one-piece 6061-T6 machine aluminum frame and left side plate. Contact: Okuma Fishing Tackle at 909-923-9828 or visit www.okumafishing.com.



    The Rod-On! is a coiled-wire fishing rod safety strap designed to protect the fisherman as much as the fishing rod. An old rope tied to a rod can save it from going overboard but can also trip the captain, crew and anglers at the same time. The Rod-On! measures just 5 inches long at rest but stretches out to well over 5 feet when needed, and has been tested to hold more than 450 pounds. Rod-On hides under the gunwale when not in use and can be attached or removed quickly thanks to two quick-connect snaps on either end. Made with vinyl-coated stainless coiled wire and double crimped to stainless steel snap hooks, Rod-On is impervious to salt water and will provide years of protection for your valuable tackle and an added safety factor for your crew. Contact: Rod-On at 603-767-2813 or visit www.chasecharters.com.

Tournament Cable Bench Crimp


    Tournament Cable’s new precision bench crimper is designed specifically to handle the mini crimps required for use with light monofilament and multi-strand cable. Designed and engineered by Tournament Cable and machined and produced here in the USA, this bench crimp is a first of its kind, working on monofilament from 130-pound test to as light as 10-pound test and multi-strand cable that is 275-pound test and lighter. No more guessing the correct amount of pressure to use or hoping for consistency with the usual hand crimpers. Once adjusted to the crimp and line size, this bench crimper will perform flawlessly and uniformly to produce consistent secure connections. With four different cup sizes and infinite adjustments, it can be set for any small-sized crimp. The bench crimper also can also be mounted vertically or horizontally and the handle comes with two different positions. From white marlin to flounder rigs, this bench crimper is the answer to your light-tackle rigging needs. Contact: Tournament Cable at 800-979-FISH or visit www.tournamentcable.com.

Xtratuf Performance Deck Boots


    Xtratuf manufactures essential fishing gear engineered and made to withstand the toughest conditions and to protect fishermen who wear them. To them, Xtratuf represents more than a boot or a shoe. It’s part of an authentic marine lifestyle that values authenticity, performance and hard work, qualities appreciated by commercial and sport fisherman and leisure customers alike. Crafted specifically for offshore anglers, Xtratuf’s new Performance Deck Boot collection keeps fishermen and boaters sure‐footed on slippery decks and other surfaces whether at the dock or on the fishing grounds. The new full rubber, lightweight silhouettes provide 100 percent protection, while the slip- resistant Xtratuf Chevron sole keeps anglers secure on wet, slimy or soapy surfaces. Both styles are available in 6-inch and 12-inch heights in men’s sizes 7 to 14. Colors available include chocolate/tan, gray/yellow and navy/red. Contact: Xtratuf at 855-377-2668 or visit www.xtratufboots.com.