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New Gear: November/December 2014

Awlgrip Awlcraft SE


  AkzoNobel has expanded their Awlcraft SE color range to include solid colors with the existing metallic, pearls and special-effect products. For new builds or refits, production or custom yachts, the Awlcraft SE range is ideally suited for those looking for a fast-drying, two-stage topcoat system that is high performing in the harsh marine environment. With the same excellent gloss, flow and longevity of other Awlcraft SE shades, the solid color availability will appeal to customers looking to embrace the numerous advantages of a basecoat/clearcoat system. Awlcraft SE is easy to apply by spray and provides a premium, even finish that is fast-drying and durable. With the option to apply multiple coats in a single day, Awlcraft SE makes it possible to complete the application from base to final clear coat within 24 hours, leaving a finish that not only looks great but also is easily repaired. Contact: Awlgrip at 888-355-3090 or visit www.awlgrip.com.



  Cooler Shield has developed a line of replacement cooler hinges that will turn your Igloo, Coleman, Rubbermaid or Thermos cooler into a premium Super Cooler. Featuring a lifetime guaranty, Cooler Shield hinges are so tough they will outlast your cooler. Made in the U.S.A., Cooler Shield hinges are patent pending and feature heavy duty Delrin material with high-quality 316 stainless steel pins and screws that will provide a lifetime of use and coolness. The hinges are self-lubricating, UV and corrosion resistant, recyclable and food safe. The open position of Cooler Shield is self-resting at an optimal angle without restraint. Cooler Shield set out to design a fix that would offer consumers an easy way to turn an inexpensive cooler into a Super Cooler. Most coolers do not need protection from wild animals, but simply need to keep food and drinks cold without falling apart. Cooler Shield has solved the broken hinge problem with their indestructible Cooler Shield hinge design. Contact: Cooler Shield at 1-888-810-7283 or visit www.coolerhinges.com.



  H2Outdoors is a lifestyle apparel brand consisting of men’s and women’s T-shirts, UV moisture-wicking long-sleeved tees, board shorts, hats, and decals geared toward those of us who have a passion for life in, on, and around the water. Their new approach to design and style is the first thing you’ll notice, quickly followed by the overall quality of the brand. With more than 32 years of combined experience in the apparel field, H2Outdoors has brought all of their knowledge and abilities with this new clothing line, which was well received at ICAST in July. Striving to be more than a mediocre clothing company, H2Outdoors has set out to rise above using extremely creative art, design, and concept in developing the new line. So whether you’re at the beach, the lake, or the river, your passion is plain to see sporting our brand. Contact: H2Outdoors at 844-966-2578 or visit www.H2Outdoorsco.com

Mojo Hydro Block Gear


  Many traditional rain jackets and pants are constructed of a heavy rubberized fabric that, while waterproof, traps water vapor inside. In hot, muggy conditions, the wearer feels like they’re trapped in a steam sauna. Hydro Block Jacket and Pants from Mojo Sportswear are constructed of a breathable yet waterproof fabric, which allows water vapor to escape but prevents water droplets from penetrating for the ultimate in warm-weather protection for rain or salt spray on rough days offshore. Attention to detail includes taped seams for increased waterproofing and a cut that’s better suited to fit active anglers and deckhands. Velcro cuffs at the sleeves keep water out while the side, chest and arm pockets have secure waterproof zipper closures. Available in black or blue, sizes range from small to 2X. The familiar Mojo logo is embroidered on the chest and back, and a detachable hood with two adjustment points allows for a custom fit. Contact: Mojo Sportswear at 800-827-0640 or visit www.mojo-gear.com.

Raymarine Yanmar Autopilot


  Raymarine announces one of its ground-breaking products is now compatible with selected Yanmar engine systems. Fully tested and certified by both parties, the Evolution DBW (Drive by Wire) brings autopilot control to vessels equipped with Yanmar VC10 and JC10 (Joystick) Control Systems and connects directly to provide unrivaled steering control of the Yanmar propulsion systems. Evolution autopilots perceive their environment and instantly calculate and evolve steering commands to maximize performance. This breakthrough in autopilot intelligence uses Evolution AI control to provide precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions. The easy-to-install Evolution DBW is supplied complete with the EV-2 9-axis sensor, p70R control head and cabling, and connects directly to the Yanmar control system. Once integrated into the system, Yanmar owners can control the Evolution autopilot with the p70R or via touch screen using any Raymarine multifunction display powered by Raymarine’s LightHouse II user interface. Contact: Raymarine at 603-324-7900 or visit www.raymarine.com.

Seakeeper Gyros


  After developing the most effective zero-speed anti-rolling devices ever made, Seakeeper introduces the Seakeeper 5, 9, 16, 26 and 35 models, which are smaller and more powerful than ever and designed for vessels 30 feet and larger. Seakeeper 5 is designed for boats up to 20 tons, or about 30 to 50 feet. Seakeeper 9 stabilizes boats up to 35 tons, or about 50 to 65 feet. Seakeeper 16 is for boats up to 70 tons, about 65 to 80 feet. The Seakeeper 26 stabilizes boats up to 100 tons, about 80 to 100 feet. The Seakeeper 35 is intended for boats up to 140 tons, about 100 feet and greater. Multiple units can be fitted for the largest vessels. All models achieve from 70 to 90 percent reduction in roll, while requiring only modest electrical power, and have no protruding appendages through the hull or bottom. Their computerized control and vacuum technology make them the first truly practical stabilizer systems for the leisure yacht and commercial marine industry. Contact Seakeeper at 410-326-1590 or visit www.seakeeper.com.

Shoals Harpoons


  Shoals Harpoons offers a line of cockpit and throwing harpoons manufactured on the New Hampshire seacoast since 2008. Constructed of aircraft-grade 6061T aluminum a full 1 inch in diameter, each is sandblasted then hard-coated with a special marine powder coat. Each harpoon is designed with machined marine bronze fittings and fitted with a 316 stainless steel shank. All models have a special sealing system which allows Shoals to use no pins or rivets in the construction of the harpoon. A unique line holder for the harpoon keeps the dart on the shank without the use of tape. Shoals harpoons are made and designed with extreme attention to detail and quality by New England anglers and harpooners with a passion for tuna fishing. Several 8-foot and 10-foot models along with several one-piece model harpoons are available. Shoals also offers their own design bronze darts cast in New England along with several other harpoon accessories. Contact: Shoals Harpoons at 603-205-5542 or visit www.shoalsharpoons.com.

Simrad Advanced HD Digital Radar


  Simrad Yachting introduces its Advanced HD Digital Radar Family that combines high-performance open array scanners with a proven history of oceangoing reliability and the latest in digital signal processing. Offering unparalleled performance with exceptional detection of small or distant targets and minimized screen clutter, the new line includes 6-foot 10kW (TXL-10S-6) and 7-foot 25kW (TXL-25S-7) open array systems. There’s also a 4-foot 10kW (TXL-10S-4) array all-around performance radar that’s perfect for smaller center consoles. Designed with long-life motors, other features include automatic tune, gain and sea clutter adjustments, automatic harbor and offshore modes and dual EBL/VRM. Units support both true and relative motion to distinguish moving targets from land mass. A high-speed heading sensor can be added to enable chart overlay on compatible Simrad NS Series multi-function displays and a choice of color palettes ensures improved target distinction based on viewing conditions. Through the implementation of the latest magnetron and RF design technology, safe radiation levels remain within the swing of the circle of the antenna. Contact: Simrad Yachting at 800-324-1356 or visit www.simrad-yachting.com.



  Trace Ecological introduces TEAgel, an eco-friendly air purifier specially formulated to naturally remove stubborn onboard odors. From salons to rope lockers, place a jar of TEAgel anywhere you want to have fresh, clean-smelling air. TEAgel does not require airflow to work so it can be placed anywhere in a room. Unlike other products that simply mask odors, TEAgel harnesses the unique properties of authentic Australian tea tree oil to naturally break down odor-causing mold, mildew and bacteria, while leaving only a pleasant odor behind. Three jar sizes are available, including a 4-ounce size that’s good for up to 30 square feet and an 8-ounce size for up to 60 square feet. A large 16-ounce jar will treat 100-plus square feet. TEAgel has been nominated for a 2014 National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) product innovation Award. Contact: Trace Ecological at 954-987-2722 or visit www.trac-online.com.