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New Gear: July / August 2015



    The new TD-4000 from Elec-Tra-Mate is the most advanced piece of fishing equipment ever to be developed for big game trolling. Designed for installation in the pod area of hardtops and towers, its compact size makes it ideal for installation in enclosed areas. The TD-4000 includes microprocessor-controlled features that can be controlled by a keypad on the front of the unit, and it has four separate motors that drive four separate spools allowing both teasers and dredges to be pulled from the bridge. Each spool can be programmed separately and once programmed, the operator can control each spool independent of the others, in pairs or control all the spools all at one time. The TD-4000 also alerts you if a fish grabs a lure being pulled as a teaser, or dredge and tells you in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish which line the fish is on! The TD-4000 can also be programmed in any other language upon request. Contact: Electric Fishing Reel Systems at 336-273-9101 or visit www.elec-tra-mate.com.

Groco E-Valve


    Groco’s E-Valve monitors and operates one or more seacocks measuring from ¾-inch to 3-inch on your boat. The simple touch of a button on the control module commands a submersible gearbox to open or close the connected seacock while valve status including Open, Closed, or in Transit, is indicated by colored LEDs. E-Valve features automatic operation for engines, generators or air conditioners where the seacock opens when the connected device is turned on and closes when the device is turned off with the addition of an optional cable. No more generator flooding or air conditioner air locks while on a trailer or lift! A 5-inch touchscreen monitor will be available in 2016 and will wirelessly monitor and control all the valves on your boat for more frequent "exercising" of valves to reduce nuisance marine growth build-up, a major cause of valve leakage or movement failure. Other features include a Close All setting for emergencies, End of Day Use and Lock for sanitation systems or for equipment temporarily under repair. Contact: Groco at 410-604-3800 or visit www.groco.net.

Jarrett Bay Clothing


    Long known for building superior custom sportfishing yachts and related T-shirt designs, Jarrett Bay has launched a line of clothing for men and women under Jarrett Bay Clothing Co. The initial offering features seven new products including long- and short-sleeve T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, visors and utility shorts. Jarrett Bay Boatworks is known for its exceptional style and performance of its vessels, and its clothing line mirrors these same qualities. With a true vision for the future these stylish designs are made of quality fabrics and create the classic look Jarrett Bay is known for. Many of the products are manufactured using Supima cotton which is considered to be the finest cotton in the world. Contact: Jarrett Bay Clothing Company at 252-732-6616 or visit www.jarrettbayclothingco.com.

TMojo Mr. Cool


    When the temperature heats up be sure to reach for the new Mr. Cool shirt from Mojo Sportswear. The Mr. Cool is quite possibly the world’s finest lightweight technical fishing shirt available and looks great on the dock, at a tournament meeting or on the boat. In addition to being super comfortable in any weather, the Mr. Cool also features four-way stretch fabric that allows complete freedom of movement, corrosion-free buttons, a western-style yoke and vented side panels. And it’s also constructed from 50 percent recycled fabric too so beat the heat and go green at the same time. Hidden front pockets feature a secure flap and the familiar Mojo logo on the pocket flap and label tab. Long sleeves roll up neatly and comfortably and feature a loop and snap to hold them in place on steamy hot days. These shirts are generously cut and three colors are available including Gander Blue, Mint and Stone. Contact: Mojo Sportswear at 800-827-0640 or visit www.mojo-gear.com.

Pompanette Rocket Launcher


    Pompanette and Murray Products have combined to redefine the modern fighting chair and rocket launcher with the option of adding beautiful carbon fiber inlays. This totally customizable process features a variety of color combinations and can have additional custom inlays such as boat name or fish logos, as well as magnetic bait trays to hold additional tackle. By popular demand, the eight-rod Manta and six-rod Mini Manta have set the tone for the modern fisherman who is looking for something that not only looks cutting edge but is unique in design. The combination of 316L stainless steel bolt-less rod holders, carbon fiber inlay and a superior finishing process makes Pompanette and Murray Products builders of the finest rocket launchers on the market. The carbon fiber option can also be incorporated into just about any other product in their line including helm chairs and fighting chairs. Light weight, full carbon fiber construction is available as well. Contact: Pompanette at 954-525-6367 or visit www.pompanette.com.



    Shurhold Industries' Dual Action Polisher enables boaters to buff, wax and polish their vessel like a professional in half the time with half the effort. The polisher's random orbital motion comes from the free spin on the center axis and out-of-round spin on the power motor. This random orbital movement means it's virtually impossible to apply too much concentrated pressure in one spot at one time, eliminating the risk of burns and swirls. The traditional rotary buffer is a tool that should be left to the professionals, but even first-time users can expect professional results with the Dual Action Polisher. Boaters can forget doing things by hand. Shurhold's polisher is faster and less tiresome, with six speeds between 2,000 and 6,000 oscillations per minute, getting the job done a lot quicker. It applies a thinner coat of product, spreading it evenly and deeply into the surface for a uniform result that can't be achieved by hand. Contact: Shurhold at 800-962-6241 or visit www.shurhold.com.

Simrad Halo Radar


    Simrad’s new Halo combines broadband radar with traditional pulse radar to provide navigational visibility and awareness as close as 20-feet and exceptional long-range performance up to 72 nautical miles. Beam Sharpening provides unmatched target resolution while Halo’s Dual Range mode allows it to function as two radars in one with no signal loss to monitor two distance ranges simultaneously with independent display controls. Custom, Harbor, Offshore, Weather, and Bird modes tune Halo’s advanced signal processing to ensure precise target definition. Halo also produces a crystal-clear, accurate radar image instantly from standby in 16-25 seconds after power-up. Available in 12- or 24-volt systems with 3-, 4- and 6-foot open arrays, Halo is idea for small to mid-sized craft and connects to any Simrad NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 multifunction display. Halo’s open-array antenna sits atop a uniquely curved pedestal that’s lit with a blue-LED accent light. This light is integrated into the pedestal and can be customized with a four-level brightness control that provides an attractive display. Contact: Simrad at 800-661-3983 or visit www.simradyachting.com.

Squidnation Flippy Floppy Thing


    The Squidnation Flippy Floppy Thing squid daisy chain consists of four 9-inch Squidnation Rubber Mauler Squids, eight 6-inch Squidnation Fat Daddy Squids and one Squidnation 5-inch bird rigged on 275-pound test and tipped with a 300-pound test Marlin Coast Lock swivel to attach a lure, ballyhoo combo teaser or hooked bait. The flexible bar running through each squid and the bar that’s tipped with two smaller squid allows the rig to flip and flop in an erratic manner when trolled but is designed not to tangle. The idea behind the teaser is to depict a predator fish driving through a school of fish and scattering the school in the air. Squidnation tested the Flippy Floppy Thing in Costa Rica with very favorable results during the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown tournament, where sailfish ate it up. The Flippy Floppy Thing has now reached the East Coast and reports from South Carolina to New Jersey have been very favorable from charter captains and private boat owners alike. Contact: Squidnation Products at 410-873-3282 or visit www.squidnation.com.

TD Mop


    TDMop introduces their custom mop with splatter handles and premium-grade chamois material. These new splatter mop handles come in a variety of vibrant colors that you can choose from. The handles are made of wood, fiberglass, or carbon fiber so they won't scratch finished surfaces and the mop material is made of a super-absorbent cloth that is scratch resistant and abolishes any signs of water spots when used.  They are hand-made and professionally used by boat captains, yacht owners, and car users alike.  When captains and mates use TDMop, the result is a streak-free surface. These durable mops won't fall apart because of the wide strips of drying material which make quick work of chamoising any vessel. Three layers of absorption material make the mops more durable and strong while the wide strips of the premium-grade material allow more time between wringing by absorbing an incredible amount of liquid. Contact: TD Mops at info@td-mops.com or visit www.tdmops.com.