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Schunke Leadin

    Everyone knows that after a number of years, most boats can start to look a little worse for wear. When you walk the aisles at the boat shows, the shiny new models look that much better than your well-worn, well-fished sportfisherman or center console. In today's day and age, replacing a boat can be extremely costly, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars — and that's not including the electronics.
    So what do you do? Do you stay with your old-looking boat? Do you spend a ton of money on that new boat?
    What if you could find a way to make your boat look like the boats at the show but for a fraction of the cost of a new boat?
    For the Fish Circus boats, we are constantly changing the designs and logos for television purposes. The easiest way to do this is by having our boats wrapped. Boat wraps are like putting a huge sticker on your boat. But it’s not just for putting new logos on a boat; you can actually have your entire boat wrapped! This can dramatically change the look and design of your boat and make it look damn close to those boat show boats!
    We just wrapped our 2005 36 Contender, a boat that has since been retired from Contender's current line-up of boats. It has an older hull design compared to the new 36 foot boats on the market, but we love her for her rough-water capabilities and open deck plan. For us to replace a boat like that could cost upwards of $400,000. So we decided that rather than take on all that cost we just freshen up the electronics, get a new leaning post and wrap the entire boat.
    We couldn't be happier now that we have given the boat new life with the wrap; it almost looks new, which really makes it more exciting about getting out on the water in her. It covers the scratches, the faded areas of the hull, and you could mistake it for a boat right out of the factory. There's another plus to the wraps: you can change the color of the hull! Let’s say you’re tired of running a white hull for the last 10 years. You can change it to Fighting Lady Yellow, or maybe Ice Blue. The choices are endless.



Survival Suits

Even on the nicest of days, things can go wrong. Being prepared can help you, your crew and your passengers survive an emergency.


Crimper at work

Getting the perfect connection to hold your hook or swivel in place takes practice and the right tools. Learn tips to master crimping.