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How to Rig Lures Like the Pros

Thummel Leadin

    Growing up fishing in New Jersey during the 1980s and ‘90s, lure fishing was king. The better boats trolled lures most of the time and turned it into an art. My first trip lure fishing next to these boats and seeing what they caught left me hooked!
    How a lure is rigged is one of the secrets to the art of lure trolling. I have confidence in the quality of my rigs after years of practice and studying how the pros have done it.
    They are very simple and tough.
    Here is a step-by-step process of how I rig my lures.
    First, if my lure has a metal tube, I like to take a No. 3 drill point countersink and clean the ends to remove any possible sharp edges. Then, if there is room in the tube, I like to slide some chaff tubing inside, with a millimeter sticking out both ends. Then, I take a grill lighter and heat the ends so they mushroom, locking the chaff tube into place.
    In my fishing, hook locks are key. They allow me to troll with the hook facing down most of the time, but because our lures are belly-weighted, if the fish become line shy I switch the hook so it trolls up, out of sight of any predator.
    Installing a hook lock is the next step. Super-glue a hook lock on the back with the gel version. These locks are available from most tackle shops and quality lure manufacturers. This helps you to lock your hook into position by sliding the crimp into the end of the rubber stopper.
    After choosing your leader length and size, I like to pick the proper hook size for the lure. I fish only single hooks on all my lures. Both for safety and because they offer a better hook-up ratio. The hook on a single-hook rig should be slightly larger than the diameter of the lure head.


All Hands In


Hand-lining a planer will get it deeper and in front of the fish.

Back In Time

Beach Haven Clubhouse

The Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club will have a new home when it welcomes competitors to its 45th annual White Marlin Invitational in late July, built on the foundation of a rich history that stretches back for decades in this fishing community.